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Pocket Guide to World History


I searched for France, but I found Francesca. Why?

The search word matches against the beginning of words in the dictionary. This means that you do not have enter an entire word to do the search - helpful when entering words with C-Write, or when the same subject has multiple endings (German/Germany/Germanic). But the downside is that you will get extra matches. Just press the Navigate button and continue on. In most cases it is a minor inconvenience. Once in a while, you might want to choose a different search word to get to the desired information more quickly.

Search words must be at least 3 letters long. Accents are automatically removed for searching, so that matches will be found from any language source scan.

I would like to have the Pocket Guide to World History in printed form, on my Palm Pilot, on my PC, etc. Where can I get it?

The Pocket Guide to World History was originally created as a printed pocket guide, but it is currently out of print. If there is sufficient demand for an updated printed version, or for other computerized versions, we will create them. A web version is currently in the works. Let us know you are interested, and we will tell you when we release a version in the format you want.

I have a database that I would like implemented on the C-Pen.

If you would like to use the Pocket History functionality for your own database, contact the author for information on rates for custom programming or to purchase a copy of the source code.

I am a C-Pen dealer. Can I install Pocket History on the C-Pens I sell?

You may install the shareware version of Pocket History and the customer will be able to register it directly. Or, you may wish to purchase Pocket History at dealer prices and resell it to your customers. Email sales for further information.

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