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Pocket Guide to World History
C-Pen Edition

A compact comprehensive reference guide to the history of the world.

Dictionary: 10,000 reference entries.
Chronology: 15,000 dates and events.
Hypertext: Link searches from one entry to another.
Compact: Only 1 megabyte. Leaves room for dictionaries as well.
Browse: Random browse mode lets you wander through the whole book.
Trivia: Authoritative answers to thousands of questions.
Game: C-Pen displays the answer. You supply the question.

Sample Screen


The Pocket Guide to World History was written to be a portable reference to historical people, places and events for tourists, students, and avid readers. Every entry was carefully crafted to be both accurate and succinct, creating a compact historical dictionary, covering political, cultural and scientific history, which could be carried in your pocket for instant access to quick facts.

The complete printed pocket book has been converted into a C-Pen database containing all of the original entries with the added capability of searching for any word or date in the body of the text.

Tourists will find that the Pocket History application on the C-Pen is as useful as a foreign language dictionary. When visiting historical places, or reading a guidebook, it is easy to scan a name or date and instantly retrieve precise dates and key facts.

Most of us learned these facts in school. The concise definitions supplied by Pocket History will act as a mnemonic trigger releasing stored memories.

Students will find the succinct definitions easy to comprehend and remember. It is a great study aid. While reading, one can scan a word or date for an immediate definition or description.

Words which appear in one definition can be used as a basis for a new search with a couple of clicks of the C-Pen buttons. A rewind mode recalls the last 100 entries viewed, even if the C-Pen has been switched off.

Trivia buffs will enjoy playing the Pocket History game. The definition is displayed without its title. You provide the title or date of the entry. A great way to add to your knowledge. Curiosity will prompt you to search for additional facts as you play and learn.

By displaying random entries and following threads which attract your attention, you can browse the entire book, effortlessly gaining fascinating insights into the history of science and technology, philosopy and religion, the arts and politics.

Pocket History is compatible with the C-Pen models 800, 800C, and 600C.

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